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Text your clients about upcoming meetings

For all the clients that seem unreachable... just send a text directly to their phone! 📲 How, you're asking? Nothing simpler! The steps you have to follow are quite intuitive: 🗂 Create or edit a meeting ❓ Head over to questions, add a new one, and from the drop-down menu select *Phone Number* 🔔 Scroll to Notifications and enable *Text Reminders* ✅ Click Save ![cb7b302c-14d6-4c57-bf3d-da8cb912759c.gif](BASE/products/352821172/changelog/11407/inline-6de662b14ad9f544e283061975923e5e.gif) Still have questions? Check out the full breakdown here: 📝 [**How Do I Add Text Notifications to a Meeting?**](