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Bring Zoom into your meetings 🎉

Have you tried using our Zoom integration as a conferencing solution? 👀 Because... This integration is finally out of beta and it takes less than 2 minutes to set it up. 1️⃣ Go to your **[Conferencing Settings](**; 2️⃣ Connect your account to ACE Meetings; ![file-UUJ5WaWTli.gif](BASE/products/352821172/changelog/11803/inline-a07a171a176481ab17be64ff0ef5e3a3.gif) 3️⃣ Edit your current meeting type (or create a new one) and choose *Zoom*! ![file-2MO8sr08dA.png](BASE/products/352821172/changelog/11803/inline-a8a0f04efdb26eaf52b6598e3e2cff40.jpg) You can see all the steps and details on this integration here: 📝 **[Zoom](**