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ACE Meetings is a polyglot 🌍

While English is our modern world's lingua franca, we don't want to enforce it as the default! Because of this, you can now change your account's default language to one of many from your Profile Settings: ![Untitled-a.gif](BASE/products/352821172/changelog/13184/inline-f9bb4754751b9d2e1dfb68f7b5a681bc.gif) Or, maybe you're trying to change the language of your Meeting Types? That's just as easy! ![Untitled-b.gif](BASE/products/352821172/changelog/13184/inline-5eb6adec151b4298557acf339fb4c71c.gif) See all the details here: 📝 [How Do I Change My Account's Language?]( 📝 [How Do I Change My Meeting Language?]( And if you've noticed anything out of the ordinary, or have a suggestion? Shoot us an email! 👀