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Improvements, upgrades, and bug fixes 🐛

Every day, we strive to get better! 💪 Sometimes, that's through huge upgrades and new features. Others, it's under the hood changes 🚗 and fine-tuning our platform. 🦋 This week brought us *a lot* of changes, but here are the most important ones: 📧 Many improvements for email notifications 🔐 Password changes for logged in users ⚡️ Zapier data enhancements and new variables 🧐 Some UI and UX nitpicks 🗓 Past Meetings are now sorted in descending chronological order 🔔 Event organisers are emailed about cancelations and reschedules ⏰ AM/PM hour formats no longer have the leading 0 That makes for a long week... 🥱 Time for a relaxing weekend! 😎