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Phone Call Meetings are Live! 📲

Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me... 🎶 🤙 Or, just call your client right away! 😂 If you prefer phone calls to Zoom calls or in-person meetings, this is just for you! ACE Meetings now supports this for all types of meetings, you can easily set it in your meeting location. ![2-3.png](BASE/products/352821172/changelog/15648/inline-7260c4cee10017110040d041c43eb5e1.jpg) Whether you prefer to be called, or do the calling yourself, this can be achieved in 3 easy steps. You can see them here: 📝 [**How Do I Create a Phone Call Meeting?**]( Is it time to get a better phone plan? 🤔 🧐