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Booking Pages, Scheduling, and UI Improvements 📈

What better way to wrap up the week other than by announcing a series of updates and improvements? 🎉 Here's what we've been working on lately: 🔖 Guest Email variable added to the [Confirmation Email]( customization module; 📝 Hover on your meeting type to see an internal description; 🟡 Preferred times appear in a different color on booking pages (learn more about [setting your meeting availability](; 🔃 Scheduled meetings with a deleted meeting type can be canceled or rescheduled; 👯‍♀️ Rescheduling meetings won't lead to duplicates in your schedule; 🔧 A couple of UI improvements on booking pages. Time to get some fresh air! 🌞 ![Confirmation Email.png-6201](BASE/products/352821172/changelog/22846/inline-17aed4ef23a0c58defd5bb920703ac3b.jpg) ![tooltip.png-2838](BASE/products/352821172/changelog/22846/inline-3703dabb341f3dd2447261d04349a4fd.jpg) ![Preferred times.png-149](BASE/products/352821172/changelog/22846/inline-f62d2311f2885b48565263d818f01c3c.jpg)