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Kicking off 2022 with a bang! 💥

One of our favourite ways to start the year is by making sure all the tiny details are perfect for the bigger change (*are we teasing something? maybe...* 🤫) that will come! 👀 Here are all the changes we've made in the past couple of weeks. Buckle up, it's a lot to read! 🤓 1️⃣ **For Public Meeting Pages** * A new, better message is displayed for calendars with no availability * An upgraded version of our booking tabs has been updated * A couple of 🤏 small improvements for the displayed messages * A couple of 🙌 big improvements for navigating around the calendar * Star your preferred times, they have a tooltip now! 2️⃣ **On your ACE Meetings Dashboard** * New buttons appeared! You can see all your appointments or all your meeting types * New warnings appeared! Connect (or re-connect) your calendar! 3️⃣ **The other MANY updates** * Better explanation for what a "Company Subdomain" is * Your company can have an NGO/Charity status when registering * We added explanation on what each (upcoming 🤭) meeting type is * Double-checked that AM/PM times are displayed everywhere * A few other teeny tiny bugs We think this is worth celebrating already! 🥂 But, you know, keep an eye out for more...