New Improvements and Bug Fixes 🐛

Happy 2023! 🎉 🤩🥂 This year will come with a lot of surprises for our users, but – to start with – here are the things we fixed over the holidays:

📶 When setting a custom domain, we will triple-check before showing a "non-reachable" message;
🕵️ Some sleuthing and in-depth investigations to make sure meetings appear in your calendar;
🏣 Back-end tweaks to help our team work faster and better;
🔢 Limiting your meeting type to a certain number a day actually works now;
🎨 A much nicer meeting location drop-down menu;
📆 Recurring meetings – no matter how far back in the past – will appear as busy in your calendar (unlike before);
🧖‍♀️ Your public meetings page has gotten a makeover;
⚡️ When creating a zap, you'll have to choose the workspace, instead of an organisation;
✂️ Removing custom domains actually removes them, instead of displaying a generic error.

Whew! 🥱 That's a lot of work, don't you think?

Working with Workspaces

Drawing a clear line between your businesses can be an organisation gamechanger! 🗂 And this is especially easy to achieve when you have separate workspaces for them! 😎

With ACE Meetings, it takes 3 steps and 3 seconds to create a new one, just like this: 👇
file-KXMEYSTy1a (1).gif

📝 Workspaces

So... yeah... not to brag, but they're incredibly useful! 💪

Change Your Time Format from 24h to 12h

Working with military time can be confusing sometimes! 🤔 To eliviate this stress, ACE Meetings gives you the chance to set your time in 12-hour format.

What do you have to do? Change it in your workspace settings. ⏰

Isn't that easy? 🥳

Improvements, upgrades, and bug fixes 🐛

Every day, we strive to get better! 💪 Sometimes, that's through huge upgrades and new features. Others, it's under the hood changes 🚗 and fine-tuning our platform. 🦋

This week brought us a lot of changes, but here are the most important ones:
📧 Many improvements for email notifications
🔐 Password changes for logged in users
⚡️ Zapier data enhancements and new variables
🧐 Some UI and UX nitpicks
🗓 Past Meetings are now sorted in descending chronological order
🔔 Event organisers are emailed about cancelations and reschedules
⏰ AM/PM hour formats no longer have the leading 0

That makes for a long week... 🥱 Time for a relaxing weekend! 😎

New variables for your meeting emails 😎

Automation is our best friend in this crazy, fast world... 😵‍💫 So, we are here to make it easier for you to get your emails set up. Five minutes saved in a day can lead to a 20-minute break. 🤗

Here's what changed:
👉 Your name can be split between your first and last name (took us long enough 😔);
👉 The reschedule and cancelation links can now be included;
👉 The event questions (and, yes, answers) can be added.

That's it! 👋 That was our announcement-of-the-week.

Add a User, Remove a User... 🔄

Workspace users may come and go, but meetings are forever! 🗓

Still, if you'd like to easily remove and add people from your workspace, we've made that as easy as 1-2-3. Actually, it's just 1 because it's a single-step process. Click Delete!


See more about users and how they work here:
📝 How Do I Invite a User?

ACE Meetings is a polyglot 🌍

While English is our modern world's lingua franca, we don't want to enforce it as the default! Because of this, you can now change your account's default language to one of many from your Profile Settings:

Or, maybe you're trying to change the language of your Meeting Types? That's just as easy!

See all the details here:
📝 How Do I Change My Account's Language?
📝 How Do I Change My Meeting Language?

And if you've noticed anything out of the ordinary, or have a suggestion? Shoot us an email! 👀

ACE Meetings' menus got a face lift 💆‍♀️

For those with a keen eye 👀 the change that happened recently was clear! 🔎 ACE Meetings changed it's menu! Here's now:

🗓 All your meetings-related data can now be found in the left-side menu;
👤 All your user-related data can be found at the top-right corner.


Did you notice these changes? 🤔

The ACE is in the details 🔎

ACE Meetings wants to make a smooth, easy to use tool for your scheduling needs. Our focus, in the past weeks, has been on... 🥁 fine-tuning our platform. Here's what changed!

🗓 Disconnecting Google Calendar lets you know of all the repercussions
💬 For better usability, we added tooltips to our menus
🏷 All calendars now have an ACE Meetings logo for transparency
📸 Our login and signup menu got a revamp
🖼 Speaking of, our OG:image tag has also been updated
📲 Booking calls on mobile is now easier

All in all, it's been a productive period! 🤩

Kicking off 2022 with a bang! 💥

One of our favourite ways to start the year is by making sure all the tiny details are perfect for the bigger change (are we teasing something? maybe... 🤫) that will come! 👀

Here are all the changes we've made in the past couple of weeks. Buckle up, it's a lot to read! 🤓

1️⃣ For Public Meeting Pages

  • A new, better message is displayed for calendars with no availability
  • An upgraded version of our booking tabs has been updated
  • A couple of 🤏 small improvements for the displayed messages
  • A couple of 🙌 big improvements for navigating around the calendar
  • Star your preferred times, they have a tooltip now!

2️⃣ On your ACE Meetings Dashboard

  • New buttons appeared! You can see all your appointments or all your meeting types
  • New warnings appeared! Connect (or re-connect) your calendar!

3️⃣ The other MANY updates

  • Better explanation for what a "Company Subdomain" is
  • Your company can have an NGO/Charity status when registering
  • We added explanation on what each (upcoming 🤭) meeting type is
  • Double-checked that AM/PM times are displayed everywhere
  • A few other teeny tiny bugs

We think this is worth celebrating already! 🥂 But, you know, keep an eye out for more...

Are you ready to ACE it? 🎉

Hi! Welcome to the long-awaited release of ACE Meetings, the beta version of a project we've worked on for months. 💚

Although it may seem like a small step to take, we have prepared for this leap for a long time. The journey just started, but we're ready to have everyone here with us to help us learn 🌱 and grow! 🌳

If you have any questions, email us at: 📩

So, long story short, welcome aboard. ⛴We're happy to have you here.
It's time to book some calls! Ready, set, go... 🚦

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