Use Pabbly Connect with ACE 🔗

Automising your work with a third tool can change and dictate how much time you can dedicate to what matters: your business! 🤩

With our Pabbly Integration, it only takes a few minutes to set up additonal workflows and steps you would have had to do manually before. 💻🙋


Ready to load off some work? See what you need to get started here: 📝 Pabbly Connect

Conferencing with Microsoft Teams 👥

Not a fan of Zoom? 👀 No worries! Start using Microsoft Teams as a conferencing solution. 🎉

It takes just three easy steps:
1️⃣ Go to your Conferencing menu
2️⃣ Click "Connect" button for Teams
3️⃣ Follow the connection flow from Microsoft


... aaand... 🥁 ... you're all set! You can add this as a meeting location.

Use a Custom Domain for Your Meetings 🔗

If you want to use your custom subdomain for your meetings, this is just a few clicks away for both links and email notifications! 🎉

All you have to do is go to your Custom Domain menu, and follow a few steps! 👀


You can see the complete breakdown here:
📝 How Do I Set a Custom Domain?

And, for your emails, you can see the details here:
📝 How Do I Set a Custom Email Sending Domain?

Did you add your profile and account pictures? 👀

Did you know that you can now add your profile and account picture within ACE Meetings? It takes less than five seconds, too! 🎉

To add your Profile Picture, just go to Edit Profile and upload a file of your choice:

To add your Account Pciture, just click Edit Profile, then Account Details, and add an image:

Now... say cheese! 🧀📸

Group Session Meeting Types are live! 👥👥

Have you planned your TedTalk? 🎤 Do you have your presentation ready? 📋 Because we're putting the spotlight on you with Group Sessions meeting types! 🤩

Think of them as a one-to-many meeting type and use it to bring together as many clients as you need! 💪

Need more details? Our full help article is here: 📝 How Do I Create a Group Meeting Type?

Request Payments for Your Meetings 💸

Taking a commission for the meeting you host can be important. 🤓 You can set this payment up directly from your ACE Meetings like so:


👉 Select the account you want to be paid in. This is extremely relevant when you have several connections.
👉 Set the amount you want to collect and the currency in which you want this amount of money.
👉 Set your payment terms, as per your guidelines. Keep in mind that ACE Meetings will not refund any payments.

In order for a meeting to be book, your client will have to first pay! 💸

Bring Zoom into your meetings 🎉

Have you tried using our Zoom integration as a conferencing solution? 👀 Because... This integration is finally out of beta and it takes less than 2 minutes to set it up.

1️⃣ Go to your Conferencing Settings;
2️⃣ Connect your account to ACE Meetings;


3️⃣ Edit your current meeting type (or create a new one) and choose Zoom!

You can see all the steps and details on this integration here: 📝 Zoom

Zap ⚡️ from ACE Meetings to whereever!

Connect your ACE Meetings account with any app and account that you might dream of in two easy steps: using Zapier!

If you want to get started, first join our public invitation here and start creating the zap you always wanted! 👀

See every step that you must follow here: 📝 Zapier

Text your clients about upcoming meetings

For all the clients that seem unreachable... just send a text directly to their phone! 📲 How, you're asking? Nothing simpler!

The steps you have to follow are quite intuitive:
🗂 Create or edit a meeting
❓ Head over to questions, add a new one, and from the drop-down menu select Phone Number
🔔 Scroll to Notifications and enable Text Reminders
✅ Click Save


Still have questions? Check out the full breakdown here: 📝 How Do I Add Text Notifications to a Meeting?

Embed your ACE Calendar on your Website

Do you want to add your calendar to a website, so clients won't have to go through an additional step to book a meeting? You can easily do this now! 🤩

All you have to do is go to our Embed Menu, select the meeting you want to share and copy the HTML! (2).gif

See all the steps here: 📝 How Do I Embed a Meeting Type to a Website?

Add Email Notifications to Your Meeting Type

Whether you want to confirm a meeting, remind them about it, or follow-up after, ACE Meetings is here to help! We want to take off your stress and keep the conversation going. 💬

Just edit your meeting (or create a new one), add thee settings, and solve everything within minutes. One less worry on your side. 👀

See the detailed breakdown here:
📝 How Do I Add Email Notifications to a Meeting?

Create your meeting questionnaire

A good set of questions before a meeting can make all the difference between a good and a great meeting. 💪

ACE allows you to add your custom questions, as many as you need, with just a few clicks! 🤩

See how to add it and just how much customization is available here:
🕺 How Do I Add Questions to a Meeting?

Office 365 Calendars are live!

Bring the poweer of your Office 365 Calendar right into ACE Meetings with just a few clicks! 💼


Add your calendar, create your meetings, and you have everything in one place, 365-days a year! 🗓

See all the details here: 👀 How Do I Connect My Office 635 Account?

Brand Your Meeting Type

Say goodbye to the generic meeting page! 👋 Starting today, SocialBee allows you to add your own logo to your account. What do you have to do?

🙋‍♀️ Go to your Settings menu
💁‍♀️ Click on Branding
🙆‍♀️ Upload your logo

Could this be any easier? (1).gif

If you still have questions, or want to ask more, you can check out our help article:
📝 How Do I Upload My Company Logo?

Round Robin Meeting Types Are Live 📈

In any organisation, Round Robin Meeting Types are necessary to make sure your agents have a balanced calendar.

With ACE Meetings, you can create such a meeting type and ensure that your clients get more availability, while your employees have more time to prepare!

Check out our help article on how to create such a meeting: How Do I Create a Round Robin Meeting Type?

Also, if you want to understand the behind the scenes assignment and availability, you can read this article: How Do Round Robin Meetings Work?


Let's get the engines ready and meetings booked! 🤩

As Easy As 1-2-3 🔢

Getting started with ACE Meetings can be as quick as a few minutes! And now, ACE Meetings has a default tutorial that you'll see at the top of your screen.

Here are the steps you'll follow:

1️⃣ Connect your Calendar to ACE Meetings
2️⃣ Create a Meeting Type
3️⃣ Have a meeting booked
4️⃣ Celebrate! 🤩

We think it's fairly easy! 🧐Did you already follow these steps?

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