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Need to create individual availability within meeting type

The days and times to book appointment is super restrictive within an individual meeting type (availability), because I am often not free on the same days, at the same times every week. It can vary. At the moment we have to put the same times and days in we are free, and then put how many days that is up to. But for example this Sat I would have been free, but the next 2 I am not. So I have had to remove all Saturdays, as there is no calendar to add my individual days and times of availability for the next few weeks or months. There should be a calender view where we can actually mark out the times and days available individually for the upcoming week, for those of us who weeks vary. This should be an option either to switch to, or to use in conjunction with. We should also be able to black out a certain time of the day, or part of a day, so it doesn't run all day, if we know we have other work to do as set hours inbetween appointments. I know I have things booked to do next Jan and Feb for days I am currently avialable so I will need to stop the calendar then, unless you can get this feature, where we can input into the calendar ourselves. Similarly, we should be able to mark as unavailable when we have holiday days.