Phone Call Meetings are Live! 📲

Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me... 🎶 🤙 Or, just call your client right away! 😂

If you prefer phone calls to Zoom calls or in-person meetings, this is just for you! ACE Meetings now supports this for all types of meetings, you can easily set it in your meeting location.


Whether you prefer to be called, or do the calling yourself, this can be achieved in 3 easy steps. You can see them here:
📝 How Do I Create a Phone Call Meeting?

Is it time to get a better phone plan? 🤔 🧐

Have you embedded a calendar to your website? 👀

Did you know ACE Meetings allows you to embed your meetings straight to your website? 🤔 It's a few clicks and one copied code away. 🔢

But, here are some tweaks we've added recently, to make it easier to use:
🪨 The widget is sturdier (Our developers did some backend improvements)
⬅️ We added a back button (misclicks are our enemy)
💃 The ACE Meetings styling sticks
💰 Payments via Stripe work (again 😳)

See how you can add it to your website here:
📝 How Do I Embed a Meeting Type to a Website?

Small improvements for us, big steps for you! 💯

Our goal with ACE Meetings is to make your experience, or your client's, as smooth as sailing! ⛴

To do this, here is a list of all the changes we've made in the past few weeks to make everything seamless: 👇

🌱 Meeting public descriptions have a character limit so say goodbye strange errors;
🌱 Meet URLs no longer support special symbols, making them compatible with all browsers;
🌱 Meeting types can only have unique names and links in a workspace to avoid confusion.

It's not much, but it certainly makes a biiig difference! 🎊

ACE'd inbox notifications 📨

Reaching out to the people you have a meeting with quickly and swiftly is important. 💪ACE Meetings has just upgraded its email notifications to deliver these straight to everyone's inbox, without any issues.

Whether you or your invitee choose to cancel or reschedule a meeting, we make sure everyone is kept updated! ☑️

Of course, your calendar updates automatically too. 🥳 No more rushing to the finish line! 🏁

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